Spring 2022

SERVANT SENDERS TEAM:The women behind the scenes. 

Many of you ask, do you train women also? Not in the sense that they have classes weekly to attend as the men do, as they have homes to run and families to care for and some have jobs.  But the answer is yes!  These wives of pastors, leaders, and students and their daughters are an important part of all of our ministries. We couldn’t do it without them. They are led by Marie and encouraged to start their own group of women from the rehabs, and some accompany their husbands to do outreach when they are able. The husbands are expected to share what they have learned to help equip them.

Then on Saturdays once a month they meet with Marie. It is too difficult to meet weekly due to lack of transportation and unavailable childcare, so we meet from 9am to 4pm. Much the same as the men meet with Nolan. Everyone gives testimony of the past month – where God is working, what they have learned, who they are ministering to and prayer requests.  Then we go into study time for a few hours. After that, good food and often out to evangelize, or learn a craft they can use to make money to help support them. They need encouragement, as ministry is tough, and some of the issues they deal with are devastating.    

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