About Us

By identifying and providing training to men who are already serving the Lord in Ciudad Juarez, Servant Senders has sparked the creation of a multitude of local ministries that have been quietly transforming the city of Ciudad Juarez in astonishing ways. 

Here’s how it happened.

While working in Ciudad Juarez, missionaries Nolan and Marie Schockey began to meet local men who loved the Lord and were actively serving Him in their communities. These men had a passion for Jesus but lacked Biblical understanding and, in most cases, had only a gradeschool education.

To equip these humble servants to fulfill their calling, Nolan and Marie founded Servant Senders in 2006, in collaboration with their home church, Rocky Mountain Calvary of Colorado Springs , Colorado.

Servant Senders identifies godly men who have a desire to serve but need training. They provide them with basic education and Bible training and send them out to minister in their communities. You can learn more about the the results on our Ministries page.

While Nolan and Marie continue to disciple the graduates and train up new students, the men they have trained begin to evangelize and disciple others and head up the many ministries they have started.  This keeps the actual work of the ministry locally led, contextual, and self-replicating. 

Through the years, Nolan and Marie have been privileged to see their students go fearlessly into some of the hardest areas and begin to transform their city and their nation through the power of the gospel.  

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