These are some of the ministries founded by the men from Servant Senders, reaching many ages and cultures around the city and beyond. Click or scroll to learn more.


Police Ministry

At the height of the cartel violence in Ciudad Juarez, Servant Senders began going to the police stations and asking to pray for the police. Over many months the police began to trust the men and welcome their ministry. In the years since then, we have witnessed a transformation within the police force. We now provide encouragement and prayer in several police stations and the police academy.

Migrant Ministry

With thousands of migrants from many parts of the world stranded in Ciudad Juarez awaiting appointments with US immigration, shelters are full, and many have nowhere to turn during their months-long wait. They are prey to sickness, hunger and violence. Servant Senders understands that what the world views as a problem is really an opportunity. In response, we have been bringing them food, water and the gospel of Jesus Christ, helping them see that hope is to be found in Him rather than in a country. Some of our men have sacrificially welcomed dozens of migrants to stay with them in their tiny churches and homes.

Feed My Sheep

Several of the Servant Senders pastors have started children’s programs called “Feed My Sheep” where children in the neighborhood can come to enjoy games, bible study, help with homework, and a nourishing meal. Curious parents come to see what their children are learning which often leads to a church plant.

Church Planting

Several of our Servant Senders graduates have become pastors and have planted churches in neighborhoods across Ciudad Juarez, as well as churches in other areas.

Rehab Ministry

Two of our students regularly visit drug rehab facilities to bring the hope of the gospel to the residents. This takes courage, as cartels have been known to come into such facilities to assinate someone they are seeking.

Prison Ministry

Incarceration often involves little or no contact with the outside world, and minimal food. So visits from Servant Senders are welcomed. When allowed, our men bring burritos and assure family members of their loved one’s condition. Because of warring cartel members incarcrated in the same cell block, prison ministry is dangerous, but our men have reported peace decending on riotous cell blocks when they begin reading from the word of God.

Mexican National Guard

Members of the Mexican national guard are faced with the difficult task of preventing illegal boarder crossings, often working 10 to 12 hour shifts in all kinds of weather. We visit them weekly with cold water and life-giving prayer.

Youth Ministry

One of our students started sports clinics for youth as a way to reach kids in his neighborhood.

Military and First Responder Ministry

Men regularly visit military bases and fire stations to offer prayer, encouragment and Bible study for any who want to participate. The positive response has been overwhelming, with many soldiers and other requesting Bibles of their own.

Vacation Bible School

Hundreds of children attend our Vacation Bible School programs around the city each summer. For many, it’s their first introduction to the love of Jesus. Assisted by youth groups and other volunteers who come from the U.S. to help, we provide a week of joy, learning and love to the children. We are also able to meet and minister to many of their parents as well.

Ministry to Indiginous People

The Tarahumara are an indigineous people group who are often marginalized. Many live in extreme poverty. Servant Senders have been reaching out to the Tarahumara with the love of Christ and material assistance for more than a decade.

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