Feed My Sheep

The streets of Ciudad Juarez are filled with children who are malnourished physically, emotionally and spiritually.

To feed her kids, a single mom in Ciudad Juarez must go to work, leaving them to roam the streets, or locked in the house alone. Kids as young as six may be left in charge of younger siblings. They become easy targets for abuse by predators (as their mom likely was before them). They may drop out of school by the fourth grade, and gangs offer a dark form of refuge.

A desperate mother may even place her children in an orphanage, where she knows they will at least be fed. The majority of children in the city’s many orphanages have a parent or other family who could care for them if they had the support to do so.

Your $35 per month sponsorship of a Feed My Sheep ministry will help break the cycle of poverty and give kids a chance to dream. Click here to learn about each of the ministries and select the one that touches your heart.

A Safe Place and a Nourishing Meal

Feed My Sheep nourishes kids in neighborhoods around Ciudad Juarez both physically and spiritually. Children often come to us malnourished and equally in need of a caring, stable environment. They come to one of our locations before or after school to receive a meal, help with homework, and instruction in the Bible, English, music, hygiene and other activities that will help with their education and self confidence. Most of all, we want to help them develop a love and trust in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, so they will never be alone again.

We depend on God working through the partnership of people like you to feed and minister to these vulnerable little ones.
Just $35 a month will supply one child weekly with:

  • A safe environment
  • A nourishing meal
  • Tutoring
  • Bible studies, stories and crafts
  • Personal hygiene lessons
  • School supplies and materials
  • School uniform and shoes, when needed
  • Help with school fees, when needed
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