Missionary & Discipleship Training

At the heart of our ministry is a three-year training program based on 2 Timothy 2:2 for Mexican men who are already serving the Lord but could do much more with additional education and specialized training. Our graduates go on to become missionaries, pastors, leaders, or teachers as their specific ministry giftings become clear.

National missionaries, when equipped, are far better at reaching their own people for the Lord Jesus. As insiders to the culture, language, and beliefs of their people, they are uniquely able to preach Jesus in an authentic, compelling way. They also have access to places and groups inaccessible to foreign missionaries.

The average man entering our program has about a 5th grade education and stuggles to support his family on $80 to $100 a week. Before beginning our program, those fortunate enough to have a job often left home at dawn to ride a bus for an hour or more and work eight to ten hours a day. That left very little time for family, church, or ministry. The training and support they receive through Servant Senders enables them to devote themselves full time to their training and ministry calling.

What Does Training Look Like?

Our students commit to a rigorous three years, beginning with education to increase their literacy and other basic academic skills. They also recieve comprehensive Bible training that equips them to teach, shepherd and disciple others. During their second year of training, we develop their leadership skills and help them identify and launch their own ministries. As a result, a wide variety of ministries have grown out of our program.

A Typical Weekly Schedule:
Monday & Thursday — Discipleship and leadership training                                           
Tuesday — Indepth Bible classes, mentoring, and testimonies of weekly ministry
Wednesday & Friday — Work projects in various ministries, outreach with teams, teaching in a ministry, learning a trade to later support their ministry and learning how to serve.
Saturday — Evangelistic outreach, children’s ministry, and discipleship
Sunday — Day of worship, church, and family

Women’s Training

We also provide discipleship and various kinds of skills training for the students’ wives and families as we build a vibrant Christian community.

Women are trained to lead ministry in their own churches and partner with their husbands in ministry. They also learn to evangelize, counsel, and disciple, as they build supportive relationships with one another.

Selecting Students

When a candidate is referred through a local pastor, missionary, or others in our network, he goes through a process involving an application, references, interviews and time spent with the candidate and his family. The entire process is covered in continual prayer.

Student Support

Once accepted into the program, we secure support for the student so he can participate full time in our program. We do this through partnership with U.S. churches and individuals who commit to support the student financially and prayerfully. Some students are supported by multiple individuals or churches.

Support is sent to Servant Senders, and we administer the funds and provide accountability. We also keep the supporting churches/individuals informed about the student’s progress, development, and needs.

Monthly support per student is $565
100% of collected support benefits the student, and this amount covers their entire cost of living and training!

As the Lord leads, one or more churches or a group of individuals can support the training and minsitry of a student. For as little as $30 a month you can be a part of sending out these trained disciples.

If you or your church would like to support a trained pastor or student disciple, please contact us for further information.

Meet our pastors and students currently in need of support and contact us for more information about this strategic investment in the advancement of the gospel in Mexico,

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